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To fasten disc support brackets to discs:eighteen 3/8"x22"; thirty-six 3/8" look washers;
eighteen 3/8" plain washers.
To fasten disc support brackets to shaft:three 1/2"x3"; six 1/2" lock washers.
To fasten drum brackets to discs: about sixty or seventy 1/4"x2"; twice as many 1/4" lock
To fasten shaft and pieces to shaft: two 1/2" x 2 1/2"; four 1/2" lock washers; two 1/2" plain
Whatever number and sizes of bolts you need to fasten the particular bearings you select to the
bearing support beams.
*About 10 large thick wood screws, 3 1/2" long, with good-sized threads, to fasten together rotor
*Cement, sand and water to make about 2 cubic feet of concrete for anchors
*A few feet of about 1" thick boards to make anchor mold
*About 8'-12' of 1/2" diameter steel rod, for anchor loops
*Strong wire or cable for guy wires.Length needed depends on number and arrangement of guys
you use.
*Screw eyes or other strong connectors to fasten guy wires to rotor frame
*Hacksaw; you also may need a steel chisel (cold chisel), flame torch, or cutting electrode.
*Other hand tools--including screwdriver, hammer, saw, round file, wood rasp or sandpaper,
metal rasp, nails (a few 3 1/2" ones), coping saw, pliers, wooden mallet, wood chisel, wrenches
*Drill--electric or hand, and a few different size bits, for wood and metal
*Level; measuring tape or rule; right-angle square
*Access to welding equipment to fabricate disc support brackets; access to forge to cut aid form
mild steel
*Access to a metal lathe would enable you to form your own shaft end pieces; access to a milling
machine would enable you to make a top bearing housing (although the author has made the
bearing housing on a lathe alone)
*Tapping and threading tools to make connection between bottom shaft end piece and shaft
extension pump
Take off removable top and bottom lids from two 45 Imperial gallon (55 US gallon) steel oil
drums.If lids are permanently fixed to the drums leave them on.
Cut the drums vertically into two equal halves.You can cut with a flame torch, electric cutting
electrode, mechanically with a saw (quite difficult) or a steel chisel (cold chisel).
File away rough edges from all four half-drums.
Beat out any disfiguration to shape with a wooden mallet.