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The author has used a Fafnir 1" bearing type RCJ P1 (bearing #GC1100KRRB5) for the bottom
These are two other roller bearings which will do the job, top or bottom:
Seal Master MSFT-16 (or MSFT-16C with a moisture-proof seal); costs about US$12.00 (may
be more now).
Seal Master LFT-16 (or LFT-16C with a moisture-proof seal); costs about US$6.50 (may be
more now).
Bearings which provide for periodic lubrication without requiring disassembly will ease the job
of maintenance.
There may be many bearings that you can find ready to install or adapt to use in the rotor.Keep in
mind the loads involved, especially for the bottom bearing.Good bearings, installed properly, are
essential to the successful operation of the rotor.
If you have access to workshop facilities you can make a housing to fit snugly around a suitable
ball or roller bearing for the top rotor bearing.On the opposite page are diagrams of the housing
the author made to fit around a bearing with an outside diameter of 2.81".