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Holding the bracket firmly, drill a hole large enough to accept a 1/2" diameter bolt through the
hole in the bracket collar and the pipe, and back out through the other side of the bracket collar.
(If necessary, undo the bolts holding the support bracket to the disc and remove the disc.)Insert a
bolt through the bracket and pipe, and tighten with lock washers and nut. Bolt back the disc if
you have removed it.
Bring one of the bottom half-drums into position against the bottom disc make sure to match
the correct half-drum to the position on the disc according to the marking system you have set
up.Fasten it firmly against the disc with bolts, nuts and lock washers.
Slide the middle disc over the top end of the shaft with the support bracket facing the bottom end
of the Pipe shaft. Bolt it firmly to the top end of the bottom half-drum that is in place.
Drill a hole through the support bracket collar and pipe as before 1" away from the bracket
flange, and large enough to accept a 1/2" diameter bolt.Insert a bolt and tighten with lock
washers and nut.
Place the remaining bottom half-drum in its marked position between the two discs and bolt into
Fasten the top disc to the pipe shaft:
*fasten one of the top half-drums to the middle disc.
*slide on the top disc support bracket facing down and bolt to the top of the half-drum.
*drill and bolt the support bracket to the pipe shaft.
*bolt the remaining top half-drum into place.
Bolt any remaining un-bolted drum brackets to the discs.
Leave about 6" of pipe projecting beyond the top disc.Cut any remaining pipe off squarely, and
remove any sharp edges.
File the inside of the pipe so the top shaft end piece makes a push fit with the pipe.With the end
piece in place, drill a hole all the way through it and the pipe, about 1" away from the pipe end.