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*About 2' of 1/8" thick x 1" wide steel strip, for lid/shaft brackets
*A 10' length of straight pipe, 1 1/4" nominal (that is, will not be exact) outside diameter.
*1 1 1/2' of solid steel bar, for shaft end pieces.See "MAKE SHAFT END PIECES," page 21,
Rotor #1 and page 38, Rotor #2 for further considerations.
*2 roller or ball bearings, 1" minimum inside (shaft) diameter, with housings.The bottom bearing
must be self-aligning in all directions. See "BEARINGS," page 18, Rotor #1.
*6 straight, sturdy wood poles (4 8" diameter), for rotor frame: 2 poles approximately 17' long
for vertical supports; 4 poles approximately 10' long for horizontal supports.
*About 10' of 1/2" diameter mild steel rod, for U-bolt frame brackets
*About 3' of 3/16" thick steel angle, for frame brackets
*Up to 12' of 3/16" thick steel angle for bearing mounts
*Cement, sand and water to make about 4 cubic feet of concrete for anchors
*A few feet of about 1" thick boards to make anchor mold
*About 8' - 12' of 1/2" diameter steel rod, for anchor loops
*Strong wire or cable for guy wires.Length needed depends on number and arrangement of guys
you use.
*Screw eyes or other strong connectors to fasten guy wires to rotor frame
*An assortment of bolts, nuts or other small, heavy objects to balance the rotor
*BOLTS. Nuts are not listed each bolt will take a nut of the appropriate size. Note: Bolt
lengths are measured from the undersurface of the head to the tip.
To fasten drum brackets to wood discs and to each other:about sixty or seventy 1/4" x 2"; twice
as many 1/4" lock washers.
To fasten braces to wood discs: about fifty or sixty 1/4" x 2 2 1/2", and twice as many lock
To fasten disc/shaft brackets to pipe shaft:four 1/2" x 2 1/2"; eight 1/2" lock washers.
To fasten disc/shaft brackets to wood discs:sixteen 1/2" x 2 1/2"; thirty-two 1/2" lock washers.
To fasten lid/shaft brackets to pipe shaft:two 1/2" x 2 1/2"; four 1/2" lock washers.
To fasten lid/shaft brackets to half-drum lids:eight 1/2" x 2 1/2"; sixteen 1/2" lock washers.
To fasten bearing mounts over bearing support poles:eight 1/2" x 5" - 7"; sixteen 1/2" lock
To fasten bearings to mounts: appropriate number and sizes, according to the particular
bearings you use.
sixteen 1/2" nuts for U-bolt frame brackets; eight 1/2" lock washers.
For accessory equipment:
*for rotor brake:2-3' of 2" diameter wood pole; hinge and screws; small coil spring; a few feet of
cord; small pieces of rubber.
*for transmission pulley and holder:bicycle wheel without tire; 1" thick board, 1 square foot;
about 4' of 1/4" thick, 2" wide steel strip; a few bolts, nuts, washers, and wood screws.
*tire inner tube(s) to make transmission belts.
*up to 6' of 3/16" thick steel angle, appropriate numbers and sizes of bolts, nuts and lock
washers to mount alternator or generator.
The following equipment must be compatible in operation as if from the same automobile or
other similar system (author has used auto parts):
*alternator or generator
*voltage regulator