background image
*storage battery or batteries
*suitable wire for hook-ups
TOOLS (the author used only handtools to construct this rotor)
*hacksaw; you also may need a steel chisel (cold chisel), can use a flame torch if available
*other hand tools including screwdriver, hammer saw, round file, wood rasp or sandpaper,
metal rasp, wood chisel, small carving tool, wrenches
*drill electric works best --, and a few different size bits, for wood and metal
*level; measuring tape or rule; right-angle square
*access to a simple forge, or some facility to cut and form mild steel
*threading tool to thread 1/2" steel rod if you make metal rotor frame brackets
You may have to find someone or some way to machine a cylindrical surface of the appropriate
diameter onto steel bar, to fit into bearings.
Make two wood discs.In this design there is only a disc at the top and a disc at the bottom of the
rotor; there are no discs between the stages.
For each disc, lay four 12" wide boards (1" thick) side by side.
Though the boards may be different lengths, they must be arranged so a 48" diameter circle can
be traced on them.
Tack the boards for each disc together temporarily. Trace the circular outline of the discs onto
each set of boards with a pencil on the end of a 24" length of string which is attached at the other
end to a nail driven into a point marked as the center. Check the accuracy of the circle by
measuring from the center to the edge in several places.