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In the same way shown on page 11 in the instructions for Rotor #1, make drum brackets to fasten
the half-drums to the wood discs, and to each other. Two stacks of three half-drums each will
form this rotor.At about five (or more) points on each set of joining edges make the brackets line
up evenly enough to drill a hole through each pair (see drawing below).
If the drums each had a removable lid at one end, you must also take care to plan that there will
be a lid on a half-drum at each joining point between the stages of the rotor to provide a means
of attachment to the rotor shaft.
The brackets on the half-drum edges that will fasten to the wood discs may be prepared without
regard to alignment. As in Rotor #1, drill into every third or fourth bracket.
Mark each half-drum as you prepare it in this way, so you will know which ones belong together.
Drill all holes large enough to accept 1/4" bolts.
Place the appropriate edge of one of the half-drums that will fasten to a disc onto the marked side
of the bottom disc (the one with the groove around the edge). Touch the two tips to the marked
diameter line, and the inner tip to the circumference of the marked 8" diameter circle.Starting
with the tips, drill through the holes in the drum brackets into the disc, bolting as you go with
1/4" diameter bolts, nuts and lock washers.