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Select a 10' length of straight steel pipe with a 1 1/4" nominal (that is, will not be exact) outside
Push the pipe through the square hole in one of the wood discs, through the notches in the half-
drum lids, and out the square hole in the wood disc at the other end of the rotor. Approximately
equal lengths of the pipe should extend out from each end of the rotor (at least 6" on each end).
Fasten 4 disc/shaft brackets 2 of each size in a cross formation onto the outside surface of
one of the wood discs, so that the 5" arms are on the disc and the shorter arms make opposite
pairs up against the pipe shaft.
The brackets with 2 1/2" vertical arms should be across from one another, and the brackets with
3 1/2" vertical arms should be across from one another. Place them first, mark the positions, and
drill 1/2" diameter holes through the bracket holes into the wood disc and into the pipe shaft.
Insert 1/2" x 2 1/2" bolts and tighten with nuts and lock washers. The 2 bolts through the pipe
will form a cross, one above the other.