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It will be better to assemble the rotor and frame on the ground, and then raise into position
since the whole structure is so tall.
The bottom of the rotor should be at least waist high; so cut the vertical support poles long
enough to include: a 2' or 3' portion that will be in the ground; the distance from ground to
waist; a distance equivalent to the height of the rotor (from pipe end to pipe end); plus an extra
foot or so. (It should be remembered the higher you mount the rotor above ground the better.)
Lay the vertical supports about 8' apart, parallel to each other.
Place a pair of 10' poles across from one to the other, so that they cross the vertical supports at
points that will be about waist high, and at right angles to the vertical supports. These will be the
bottom bearing supports.
Check for right angles, and mark the places where all the poles cross.
Notch all the poles a little at these places. Fasten together, checking to maintain the right angles.
If you are using U-bolt brackets to fasten the poles, tighten the steel angle up against the wood
with nuts and lock washers, and then tighten another nut up against each nut, for extra locking.
Each of the 2 bearing housings will bolt to the inside of steel angle assemblies that are bolted
around the top and bottom bearing support poles.
Since the bottom bearing support poles are already installed, you can judge the lengths of steel
angle-needed to cross over the top bearing support poles also.Cut 8 lengths of steel angle. Drill
one 1/2" hole at each end of all 8 pieces. Position the holes so they will line up vertically with
each other when the angle pieces are paired.
Work from the center point of each piece. Drill holes in the top two pieces of each bearing mount
to accommodate the particular bearings you are going to use.
Install the bottorn mount onto the bearing support poles.Place it over towards one side, leaving
enough room for the wood rotor disc to clear the vertical support. Center the mount across the
Bolt in place with nuts and lock washers.
Remove the bottom bearing from the end of the rotor on the tripod and install onto the mount
with bolts, nuts and lock washers.