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A positive lock can be made by drilling a hole near the edge of the bottom rotor disc to
accommodate a 1/2" rod on a piece of cord.The rod would engage a hole in a small plate screwed
to the bottom bearing support poles underneath the rotor disc.
Transmission Pulley
Make a pulley from a bicycle wheel (without tire) and a wood disc.
Assemble them onto a "fork" and fasten the whole assembly onto the rotor frame with a bracket.
Cut a 10" diameter wood disc from a 1" thick board. Cut a rounded groove into its edge that is
1/2' wide and 1/2" deep.Drill a hole into the center of the disc to accept the end of the bicycle
wheel axle. Drill 3 holes into the disc in a symmetrical arrangement around the center hole.
Slip the disc over the bicycle wheel axle and bolt tight.Push bolts through the 3 holes, through
the bicycle wheel spokes, and into small plates hooked behind the spokes tighten lock washers
and nuts onto the bolt ends behind the small plates. The heads of these 3 bolts must be
countersunk into the wood disc so they do not project above its surface to keep them out of the
way of the large bracket, or "fork," that will hold the wheel and disc to the rotor frame.
Make a U-shaped "fork" out of 1/4" thick steel strip measuring 2" across.Start with a piece
approximately 3' long.
Make a bracket from 1/4" thick steel strip, 2" across.
Fasten the pulley holder to the bicycle wheel axle. Bolt the small bracket to the pulley holder.
Whittle a groove into the rotor frame vertical support that is a few feet distant from the rotor.
Make the groove on the outside of the pole, slightly above the bottom bearing support poles, and
at a 15 25 [degree] angle to the horizontal.
Screw the bracket that is bolted to the pulley holder into the vertical support at this groove, with
large wood screws.