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A transnission belt can be made from an old automobile inner tube, provided the rubber is still
elastic. An approximately 1" wide strip is cut "spirally" along the tube with a razor blade so that
it is a continuous strip.
Well over 100' of such strip can be cut from one inner tube.This is then twisted, and looped
around the groove of the bottom rotor disc and the groove in the 10" wood disc that turns with
the bicycle wheel. Tighten the belt, cut overlapping ends, tie a knot, and bury the knot in the
twisted rubber.
Mount an automobile (or other similar) alternator or generator onto the bottom bearing support
poles of the rotor frame, between the rotor and the vertical support with the transmission pulley
on it.
Use bolts, steel strips and steel angles to secure it, and a wood wedge to incline it at a 10-20
[degrees] angle.