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Make another transmission belt and loop it around the bicycle wheel and the pulley on the
alternator or generator.
The wire connections and other electrical equipment such as voltage regulator should be similar
to those in automobiles. Preferably suitable equipment from the same automobile should be used.
NOTE:As small as possible alternator/generator should be used as the more powerful machines
will not turn in the lighter winds.
Two typical wiring diagrams are shown. Standard automobile parts might be used but must be
compatible. That is, an appropriate voltage regulator to the alternator and the battery to be
charged must be used. (Space limitation here does not allow elaboration on the generating
Reference should be made to the litreature on the subject or an experienced auto-mechanic
should be consulted.) Both the alternator and the generator circuit should be in principal the same
as those in the motor cars from which they were removed.
Alternators or generators require fewer rpm's of the rotor to "cut in" and begin generating