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Since the details of Savonius' experiments are not given, it is impossible to say where he has
erred. By comparing the curves on graph #1, it can be seen that his results are more optimistic
than those obtained by others.
2.How to Construct a Cheap Wind Machine for Pumping Water, Do-it-Yourself Leaflet #5,
February 1965, by A. Bodek, published by Brace Institute.
This booklet presents a fairly single method of building an S-rotor from 45 (Imperial) gallon oil
drums. The construction steps are somewhat sketchy and may not give enough detail for
someone not familiar with construction procedures.
Alternative materials and construction methods should be specified for making the discs, or end
plates, in conditions such as those prevailing in developing countries ordinary plywood is not
always available or affordable; and marine quality is far better in this application anyway.
A design is given for transmitting a rotary motion into a reciprocating motion suitable for
operating a piston or a diaphragm pump.