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Grid-Tied or Off-Grid

This is a breakthrough in price/performance for a complete wind power generation system.  Our wind turbine can be configured as either a Grid-Tied system or an Off-Grid system depending on the electronic controller selection.

Our Grid-Tied system uses our Grid-Tied Inverter and simply plugs into a wall outlet to reduce your electrical bill. (110V/220V switchable)

OEM Wind Power Logoelectricityelectricityhouse

Our Off-Grid system charges batteries to provide electricity for your cabin, boat, pump, lighting system, or even  telecommunications appliations. (12/24/36V compatible)   Marine Batteries not included.

OEM Wind Power Logoelectricityelectricityhouse

Buy a Complete System Now

Standard System with Turbine, Tower, and Rectifier $1195
Grid-Tie System with Turbine, Tower, and Grid-Tie Inverter $1,595
Off-Grid System with Turbine, Tower, and Battery Charge Contoller $1,495
Base Conversion Kit for Vehicle Supported Portable Installation (see photo below) $99

These systems are available now at our location in La Fayette, New York, for pickup only. If you are in the Upstate New York area, please stop by and check these turbines out.


We hope to receive your order soon.

Sincerely Yours.
Jeff Berezin, President
Berezin Technologies, LLC
North American Distributer for OEM Wind Power



More Information

Product Description and Data Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format)

Assembly Instructions (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format)

FAQ - for battery charging (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format)

FAQ - for connecting to grid (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format)

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The Turbine

The Turbine

Rugged and Reliable
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Blades
  The Turbine
Automatic Braking Mechanism
500 Watt Output @ 28mph
900 Watt Maximum Output
2 Year Guarantee

The Grid-Tie Inverter

The Turbine

250 Watt Output
Advanced Features:
Built in Three-Phase Rectification
220 or 110V AC w/ Anti-Islanding
Timer Based Reset after Over Voltage
Stackable (Combine  Multiple Units)
Plugs into any standard wall outlet - Easy!!

The Battery Charge Controller

The Turbine

250 Watt Output (@ 28 MPH)
Built in Three-Phase Rectification  
Automatic Dump Load Circuit
Won't Overcharge the Battery
12/24/36 Volt (automatic detection)

The Flip-Up Tower

The TurbineThe Turbine

20 Feet Tall Free Standing (no guy wires)
Easy to Install in Three 2 Meter Sections
Sturdy Steel Hinged Base
Tall enough to catch the wind
Short enough to meet most zoning codes
Withstands Class 1 Hurricane Winds