Introducing the Berezin Technologies Savonius Wind Turbine Kit!

This is a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) kit.


  • Includes six inch generator gear
  • Includes eleven inch rotor gear
  • Includes alternator mount
  • Now includes and additional smaller generator gear for more voltage (see bottom picture for what's in the box)
  • Includes complete printed instructions for assembly in English and Spanish
Gears are made from .38" cutting boards. Savonius turbine is assembled and shown in these two youtube videos. Please watch both videos before purchasing so you fully understand the scope of this turbine project:

Price: $90 Plus $9.95 Shipping (anywhere in the continental United States) If you are outside the USA, do not buy this from the link here but contact me by phone at 315-849-5100. Otherwise, we will have a website with international shipping capability by October 1, 2009.

Note: You need to buy two used plastic 55 gallon drums (typically 15 dollars a piece or less), a permanent magnet generator (available on ebay anywhere from $19 for plans on making your own to $239 for a complete unit from qaz661 on ebay or from WindBluePower), and some pipes, lazy susan bearings, wood, and hardware from Lowes or Home Depot. All details are on the instructions. Also, you need mounting points to fasten the turbine to (you can use an overhang like I did or build a frame). We do not cover the building of a frame in these instructions. By watching the videos, you can ascertain what is required.

Note: I am not the first one to think of this type of a turbine. If you want to build one of these out of 55 gallon steel drums, we have the old instruction manual from the 1970s available. This manual includes many useful details that could be used on modern turbines as well as turbine construction in undeveloped nations.


Beware of dangers when cutting open any steel drums. One poor soul in my town was recently killed by an exploding drum: Story from Syracuse Post Standard